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Innovation and Tradition





The daily menu will change continuously, to include new dishes or including seasonal ingredients, so this only to be considered as an example menu:

Tagliere Di Salumi e Formaggi.

Degustazione di Formaggi.

Parmigiana Leggera di Melanzane.

La nostra Battuta di Carne.

Uovo alla Carbonara.

Tagliatelle al Cinghiale.

Spaghettoni ‘Cavalieri’ Cacio e Pepe.

Risotto ai Funghi.

Cappellacci liquidi.

Ravioli, pomodoro, Zucca e Tartufo.

Polenta al Sugo di Salsiccia e Spuntature.

Zuppa del Giorno.

Chitarrina al tartufo Bianco.

Bistecca di Manzo.

Tagliata Borgo Pio.

Sformato di Zucca.

Collo di Maiale, mela e mosto cotto.

Anatra, Cardoncelli e frutti rossi.

Agnello alla Griglia.

Verdure Saltate del Giorno.


Crema Bruciata, cardamomo e curcuma.

Cremoso di Cioccolato fondente.

Meringa ai Frutti di Bosco.


Cantina Bosco Nestore 2013 Nocciano (PE) D.O.P. 13,5°
Cantina Marina Palusci Plenus DOC 2015 Pianella (PE) 13,50°
Cantina Fontefico Cocca di Casa DOC 2014 Vasto 14,5°
Cantina Villamagna DOC 2015 DOC 2015 14° Villamagna (CN)
Cantina Feudo Antico Tullum bio DOP 2015 Tollo (CH) 13,5°
Cantina La Quercia Colline Teramane D.O.C.G.Morro d’Oro (TE) 14°
Cantina Bosco Nestore Pan 2012 D.O.P. Nocciano (PE) 14°
Cantina Centorame Castellum Vetus 2013 D.O.C.G.Casoli D’ Arti (TE) 14°
Cantina Camillo Montori  Fonte Cupa DOC  2012 Controguerra (TE) 14°
Cantina Praesidium 2013 DOC Prezza (AQ) 13,5°
Cantina Masciarelli Marina Cvetic 2014 DOC San Martino (CH)

Cantina Castelsimoni diamante nero Pinot nero 2015 I.G.P. 13°
Cantina Orsogna Ruminat Primitivi 2016 IGT Demeter Orsogna (CH) 14° 

Cantina Cuomo Furore Rosso DOC 2016 13,5°
Cantina Montevetrano Core Aglianico 2015 IGT 13°
Cantina Montevetrano Colli di Salerno IGT 2013 13,5°

Cantina Barile Teodosio Aglianico del Vulture DOC 2012 14,5°
Cantina Carmerlengo Antelio Aglianico Basilicata 2015 12°
Cantina Barile Basilisco Aglianico del Vulture DOC 2010 14,5°

Cantina Alturis Cabernet Sauvignon IGP 2016 Cividale del Friuli (UD) 13° 

Cantina Capecci Simone Piceno Collemura Ripatransone (AP)  DOP 2017 13,5°
Cantina Il Pollenza Porpora Tolentino (MC) IGT 2012 14,5°

Cantina Campo alle comete Stupore  DOC 2015 Castagneto Carducci (LI) 13,5°
Cantina Monterò Morellino di Scansano 2016 Magliano (GR) 14,5°

Cantina Barberani Rosso Foresco bio vegano umbria IGT  2017 13,5°

Cantina Cristo di Campobello Rosso IGP Terre Sic. Licata (AG) 2016 13,5°
Cantina Cristo di Campobello Adenzia Rosso Licata (AG) 2017 14°



Cantina Bosco Nestore 2015 D.O.P. 13,5°
Cantina Centorame Castellum Vetus 2015 D.O.C.G. 13,5°
Cantina Praesidium Luci 2016 DOC Prezza (AQ) 13,5°

Cantina Tenuta Ulisse 2016 D.O.P. 13°

Cantina Tenuta Ulisse 2016 D.O.P. 13°

Cantina Bosco Nestore 2015 I.G.P. 13,5°
Cantina Scuderie Ducali Centorame 2016 I.G.T. 13°
Cantina Fontefico la canaglia  DOC 2014 Vasto 14,5°
Cantina Marina Palusci Plenus  IGP 2015 Pianella (PE) 12,50°
Cantina Feudo bio IGP 2010 Tollo (CH) 14,5°

Cantina Orsogna Myrrhis 2014 D.O.C. Orsogna (CH)14,5°
Cantina Castelsimoni Albachiara chardonnay 2015 I.G.P. 13,5°
Cantina Castelsimoni Lupa Bianca  riesling renano 2015 I.G.P. 13,5°
Cantina Castelsimoni Caratteri Forti 2016 I.G.P. 13,5° riesling traminer cococciola 
Cantina La Quercia Mastrobono Platino Morro D’Oro 14°

Cantina Terra mia Greco di Tufo 2016 Bosco tre Case (NA) DOGC 13°
Cantina Feudi di San Gregorio Falanghina del Sannio 2016 Serroncielo 2016
Cantina Feudi di San Gregorio  Pietracalda Fiano d’ Avellino 2016 13°

Cantina Velenosi Falerio DOC 2015 Marche
Cantina De Angelis  Pecorino Bio  DOCG 2016 Marche
Cantina Capecci Roberto Bianco Luce e Luna – senza solfiti 2017 12°

Cantina Monterò Vermentino 2017 Magliano (GR) 13,5°

Cantina Barberani Orvieto Classico Castagnolo bio vegano DOC 2017 12°
Cantina Barberani Grechetto bio vegano umbria IGT 2017 12°

Cantina Cristo di Campobello Adenzia Camp.licata (AG) 2017 13°

  Venezia Giulia
Cantina Jermann  Pinot Grigio IGT Farra D’Isonzo  2017 13°
Cantina Jermann  Suavignon IGT Farra D’Isonzo  2017 13°



Cantina Lepore DOC 2016 Colonella(TE ) 13°
Cantina Bosco Nestore 2016  D.O.P. Nocciano (PE) 14°
Cantina Camillo Montori  Fonte cupa DOC  2012 Controguerra (TE) 14°
Cantina Praesidium 2016 DOC Prezza (AQ) 13,5°

Other Rosès
Cantina Feudo rosato bio IGP 2010 Tollo (CH) 14,5°
Cantina Orsogna Ramoro Pinot Grigio Demeter  2016   IGT Orsogna (CH) 13,5°
Cantina Barberani Rosato bio vegano umbria IGT  2017 11°
Cantina Monterò Rosato 2016 Magliano (GR) 13,5°



Cantina Margiotta vellus pecorino brut 2016 13° 
Cantina La Quercia Spumante ETEROS Charmat 11°
Cantina La Quercia Spumante ETEROS ROSE’ Charmat 11°
Marchese Antinori Franciacorta 2017 12,5°
Gerbais champagne riserva 12°
Gerbais champagne Grains de Celles Extra Brut 12°
Gerbais champagne Grains de Celles Extra Brut Rosé 12°



Grappa Genziana Amaro Abruzzese
Artemisia Amaro Limoncello Nocino Genepy
Umbria I.g.t.  “Aleatico Passito” 2009 Rosso  Bt. 500 Ml
Umbria I.g.t. “Moscato Passito”  2014  Bianco Bt. 500 Ml
Orvieto Doc Superiore 2015 Muffa Nobile “Calcaia” Bio Veganoon

Our Location ...

“Bottega BorgoPio”
 receives the baton from the “Trattoria BorgoPio”, the oldest restaurant in Scurcola, which has been a container of tradition and authenticity of our region and of our products since the 1600’s. We have added ‘Bottega’ to the original name to indicate a laboratory of ideas to be developed with a passionate and continuous search for local produce of excellence, and an accurate presentation of our dishes. The result of our mission will be a finished quality product, enhancing traditions, innovation, and transmits emotion.
We have many ideas to share with those of you who will be intrigued by the new look that will take shape meal after meal.

some testimonies taken from the social media:

… Great service, high quality food, elegant and welcoming place!

– – – –

… Absolutely to try. An exaltation of taste at every course. Do not miss the carbonara egg. 10 and praise.

– – – – –

… The restaurant offers two menus, one traditional and the other more innovative. You would not want to give up either of them as inviting is the description of the dishes, then confirmed by the tasting. Do not miss the carbonara egg. Worth the detour.

– – – – –

… Great … The taste of the mountains of Abruzzo, with the scents of the seasons in meticulously cultivated fields to collect the best fruits, to offer us common mortals, to satisfy our senses and in particular the palate. An inebriating wine suited to the kitchen. Excellent reception and service.

– – – – –

Highly recommended !!

… We stopped for lunch, passing through Scurcola, and we were pleasantly impressed by the reception and friendliness of the owner. Very nice, clean and warm place. Excellent spaghettoni cheese and pepper, delicious velvety chickpeas and amazing fettuccine with cream of chard and crispy bacon. Very good bread!

– – – –

Traditional dishes revisited

… Cosy restaurant in the village of Scurcola Marsicana, friendly staff and pleasant ambience. Excellent beefsteak. The dishes are traditional but revisited with a personal chef’s touch. The pasta is homemade, the products are local and the best desserts. Price is absolutely average. I will most definitely be back.

– – – –

Highly recommended!

… Nice quaint resort with quality and knowledgeable hosts! Antipasti abruzzesi, first revisited and an excellent chicken cooked at low temperature by a young chef of excellent school .. in short, a good place.

– – – –

Highly recommended !!!!!!!!!!!!

… we ate with friends at this inn a week ago, I would like to point out the sophistication of raw materials (worthy of a high-level restaurant), the presentation of the dishes well cared for, the excellent quality meat and the super desserts, another positive note, the kindness of the owners, very friendly and helpful, a positive experience.

– – – –

Great restaurant.

… Simple and sophisticated, friendly staff starting with the Owner, Mr. Roberto. The kitchen exceptional, the quality and genuineness of the local raw materials. It was a very positive discovery and an opportunity to repeat.

Excellent reception and wonderful menu, even for those with an intolerance.
Meat and desserts are top, but the quality and refinement of the raw materials extends to all courses. Will be back!

– – – – –

Optimal location. Quality raw materials. Excellent Maître of the room. Excellent cleanliness.

– – – – –

Great cuisine and a wonderful welcome, without problems for those who have a dog in tow, we will surely return.

– – – – –

Optimal the owners and the kitchen of the real flavours and excellent taste … I would say super !!  Our best compliments!

– – – – –

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Opening hours:

  Every day:

Lunch from 1 p.m        
Dinner from 8 p.m.


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